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Tender Pintar

Our Tender Services Fees are divided into several sections following the value / Amount of HPS or the Fund Ceiling in the Tender Process, Here we attach the Fees – Fees for the Special Offers Tender Services:
Making a Tender Offer
We Are Experienced In Making Tender Offers In All Areas Of Indonesia From Sabang To Meraoke We Are Experienced In Making Tenders From 2014 Until Now. Therefore We Provide the Needs – the needs of Partners (Contractors) to Assist in Making Offers s / d Upload Offers throughout Indonesia. Starting from 2014, we worked on government / or private tender offers <600 tender offers.
We serve requests for making bid documents for all regions of Indonesia. it’s just that because each region has a list of unit prices for wages, materials and equipment, then for this Unit Price we leave it to you who will fill / determine (Formula or calculation of the RAB will be sent to your email) and after that we ask you to send it back to the RAB that you have filled in the Unit Price. Or if possible, we will ask you directly via sms / telephone. Except for the East Java region, we already have a list of unit price for wages, materials and equipment. The documents we will prepare are technical documents in accordance with the requirements of the Aanwijzing Minutes. The completeness of the tender requirements in general and we are able to make the documents include:

Offering letter
Cost Recapitulation
Cost Budget Plan (RAB)
Price List of Material Units
Wage Unit Price List
Unit Price List Equipment
Job Unit Price List
Job Unit Price Analysis
Implementation Method
Technical Analysis
Time Schedule of Work (Time Schedule / Curve S)
Tool Mobilization Time Schedule
Material Mobilization Time Schedule
Workforce Mobilization Schedule
Flow Chart (Network Diagram)
Flow chart
Pre K3 Plan (PRK3),
The output of a project offer package that we are working on is in the form of a final offer file in Excel, Word or PDF format that we will send via email.
HPS.0.01 JT SD 1 MILYARD Rp. 1,500,000
HPS 1.01 M SD 2MILYARD RP. 2,750,000
HPS 2.01 M SD 3 MILYARD RP. 4,250,000
HPS 3.01 M SD 4 MILYARD Rp. 5,250,000
HPS 4.01 M SD 5 MILYARD Rp. 6,250,000
HPS 5.01 M SD 6 MILYARD Rp. 6,800,000
HPS 6.01 M SD 7 MILYARD Rp. 7,500,000
HPS 7.01 M SD 8 MILYARD Rp. 8,250,000
HPS 8.01 M SD 9 MILYARD Rp. 9,250,000
HPS 9.01 M SD 10 MILYARD Rp. 10,000,000
HPs> 10 MILLION RP. 0.1% X HPS


Note For Offer Values ​​Above 10 Billion: 1. If Tender Offers Are Above 10 M We Are Ready To Come To The Office With A Note: a. Payment of 50% DP b. If We Want to Come to the Office – Transportation & Accommodation Costs Borne by the Client c. Payment in Place at the time of uploading the Bidding Document d. If the Tender Offer We Made There Was an Error in the OFFER DOCUMENTS (RAB, METHOD, RK3K, SCHEDULE OF IMPLEMENTATION) Then We Will Return The Cost Of Half Of 50% Of The Total.

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